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  • Covid Stories

    For the past two weeks I’ve been writing a story a day inspired by suggestions from friends on facebook. The artist Gyula Nemeth has been pitching in with amazing illustrations and there’s even some music here and there from my talented sister Angel. Check them out, tell me your favourite!

  • The Witcher

    Oh yes, it was me, don’t blink though! I had a really fun scene to kick off the story of the banquet but as in all non-plot-essential scenes… it got dropped, so I ended up with just a few seconds.  It was a great experience to meet show runner Lauren Hissrich and work with the really…

  • Animation-ing

    Had a great session for Marton Szirmai’s new animation movie which won the Hungarian film board’s Incubator programme. Great to hang out with Marton again, we actually crossed paths a few times when our short films were touring festivals back in 2008!

  • 200 First Dates

    When my friend Erdelyi Dani asked me to come and work on this soap opera I couldn’t say no! So I spent a hectic few days shooting 200 First Dates as the ageing rockstar Vigor Blomqvist, a character who speaks better Hungarian than I do.  It was a great challenge and actually kind of fun!  200…

  • The Butcher Screening

    Delighted we hosted Hypewriter 2 after winning the first session. We even got to screen the result.  A really nice reaction from the crowd present. I thought we had some really nice moments in there! Can’t wait to get it onto TV screens!  Here we are with Pusztai Ferenc, producer of The Butcher. Congratulations to Balázs Bendi…

  • The Butcher Production

    It was early mornings, set food (actually really good set food), we had murder and mayhem, deaths and funerals, needless to say the production was intense.  It is interesting watching the process of going from script to screen.  Not everything was as we scripted but I’m excited to see the result!

  • Curtiz Tonight

    A great movie about the making of Casablanca! Screening tonight on Duna TV! See me in there as Johnson, the nemesis of Legendary director Michael Curtiz. Curtiz – DUNA TV 22:10

  • Hasa Vitte Haza in SB

    We’ve been at hard at work on finishing the short film and it’s all set to go to Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival!  We’re very excited! Hasa Vitte Haza IMDB

  • The Butcher Update

    We’re hard at work with Script Editor Balazs Lengyel, head writer for Golden Life, HBO Hungary.

  • Hypewriter 2018: We won!

    Myself and Andy will be busy! The Butcher has won Typewriter which means we go into production on a pilot in 2019! Watch this space! Halott hentes – filmhu